Learn To Love Red


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Have you ever tried a glass of Red Wine, but your tastebuds disapproved?

Then this is the book for you!

Over the years, I have tried everything to get from being a Beer (and occasional Vodka and Coke) drinker, to being able to enjoy Red Wine.

I’ve had to wash a bottles of Red Wine down with sugar-laden soda just to save wasting them.

I’ve tried to make homemade “Rose” that went terribly wrong.

I’ve tried drinking it in public, and had to keep to keep a straight face when all I really wanted to do was spit it out.

Been there,

Done it,

Got the t-shirt!

I also spilt wine on it.

This book I’ve written about my journey from being a Red Wine novice who hated its sight, let alone its flavor, to one of its advocates, is a short, and sometimes amusing tale intended to help you too become a Red Wine fan.

If nothing else, you can laugh at my mishaps and check out the recipes I’ve added at the back, they’re awesome!

Grab yourself a copy now and begin your journey to becoming a Red Wine Fan!


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